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Pario is more than just a good way to create business applications, it is a mature application development environment and framework that allows you to quickly create online database applications that are easy to adapt to changing business requirements. The Pario framework has been in use for many years to implement client systems and as a result of that will contain many of the features you are looking for when constructing custom business applications.

Highlighted features include:

  • Rapid Development

    • Build your applications from scratch quickly, or...
    • Use pre-existing templates to be up and running in minutes; customize as needed
    • Pario re-defines the traditional Software Development Life Cycle
    Rapid Development

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  • Reports

    • Create simple reports out-of-the-box, or customize the layout using standard XSLT styles
    • Output as a printable PDF
    • Customize permissions for your reports

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  • Hassle-Free Application Maintenance

    • Make updates quickly and easily
    • The Changelog tracks who changes what and tracks the history of all changes
    • UNDO any changes that have been made, even after installed into production
    • No need to keep database in sync with your application, Pario automatically does it for you
    Hassle-Free Application Maintenance

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  • Visual Customization

    • Skin your application using your own custom CSS.
    • Separation of code and presentation: Your CSS skin does not get overwritten when you update your application
    • Visual Customization is not available in Pario Lite
    Visual Customization

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  • Schema Visualization

    • Easily see relationships between the entities in your application with Pario’s Schema Visualization
    • Old-fashioned, handmade data diagrams are useful but time consuming to maintain and create.
    Schema Visualization

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  • Permissions

    • Easy to create different access levels for different user types (e.g. managers, data entry, owners)
    • Powerful role, field-level and row-level permissions are simple to add and implement in Pario

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  • Advanced Database Operations

    • SQL Joins are complex to understand and write. Pario’s field paths allow you to access data in any related table
    • Standard math operations, advanced calculations, database aggregates and string operations are all available through the use of an expression field in Pario.
    • Create the expression once and use it in many places.
    Advanced Database Operations Advanced Database Operations

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Pario Solutions

Pario currently has the following business applications included:

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